Ohio Publishing and Academic Services

Transparency Statement

We are a group of international academicians and we care about our reputation and academic integrity, and value our ethical responsibility. With the sharp rise in the number of predatory publishers we believe it would be helpful for prospective clients to learn about our business:

  1. Our publishing house is new and thus we are NOT indexed by indexing websites such as SCOPUS, PubMed, etc. Also, our journals do NOT have any impact factor yet.
  2. We publish in print format ONLY. We are NOT an open access publisher.
  3. Our editing and admission services are all “money back guaranteed” if they do not meet the international standard and/or the satisfaction of the client.
  4. We do NOT claim that publishing with us will guarantee a promotion in your career. Please check the requirements of your institution before submitting your manuscript.
  5. We are a “for-profit company”, yet, we are against predatory publishing practices, and we strive to offer high quality and legitimate publishing and academic services. Not all submissions will be accepted, nor all academic services requests will be approved.
  6. Ohio Publishing and Academic Services Company Registration.